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The best organisations attract talented people because they are great places to work. The culture and management makes people feel valued and empowered, which drives a continual improvement in performance.

When this happens everyone wins. People are happy and productive, goals are achieved and customers get great service. It’s a virtuous cycle. But this is often hard to achieve because of different personalities, divergent goals, varying levels of expertise and inefficient processes.

The best way to address this is to take a holistic view across the organisation to really understand the issues. Only then can you develop the right strategy to achieve the results you want to.

That’s why we developed the Ithaka Leadership Development Model, which has the four components shown here.

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Ithaka Leadership Model - Ethos
ETHOS describes the unique values, beliefs and character of an organisation.
Ithaka Leadership Model - Vision
VISION describes the purpose of your organisation and why it exists.
Ithaka Leadership Model - Strategy
STRATEGY is how you will achieve your Vision.
Ithaka Leadership Model - Action
ACTION is the detailed plan of what you will do to achieve your goals.